Mekelakeya overwhelmed Kidus Giorgis to be in the EFF Cup final.

Mekelakeya coach Gebremedhin Haile told reporters that his team deserves the win.
“The game was good. It was a knock out game so there was tension to win the game and progress to the final. They looked strong and dominant in the first half. In the second half we dominated and controlled the game. We deserve to go through to the final. We won because we were able to possess the ball.”

Kidus Giorgis new Dutch manager Matin Koopman stated his disappointment with the result.
“Our defeat is not surprising. We embarked on a new journey. We are disappointed that we lost the game but again tomorrow is another day. We lost much energy during our 4 weeks rigors training and it takes time to recover. I told my players that it’s okay. We believe on the system that we are implementing. We will be focused on the Premier League and CAF Champions League from now on.”


Hawassa Kenema beat Wolaitta Dicha 1-0 in the second EFF Cup semi final game.
Wolaitta Dicha coach Mesay Teferi believes Hawassa was the better side.
“Hawassa put us on pressure. They were the better side tonight. We did have some chances to score goals in the first half that we failed to do so. We tried to implement a counter attacking system and defended in numbers but still they beat us.”
Hawassa Kenema head coach Webtu Abate insisted his side were in control of the game.
“Since it was a knock out game it was competitive and hard. I couldn’t know my team’s current status after all we didn’t play a competitive game in a while. On that account we didn’t play well in the first half. We played relatively good in the second half. We created a goal scoring chances and we were dominant in the latter half. Ultimately we scored a goal and reached the final.”


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