The Addis Ababa City Cup, a competition hosted annually by the Addis Ababa Football Federation, will take place for the 10th time this year. The pre-season tournament will kick off October 3 2015 and has signed BGI Ethiopia product Amber beer as its new title sponsor.

The competition will pit the 6 Addis Ababa teams taking part in the Premier League next season together with 2 guest teams from the regional states, and has traditionally served valuable to the clubs as they fine tune their squad before the country’s premier football competition kicks off.

Adama City and Dashen Brewery are the guest teams invited by the AFF for the 2nd year running, and they will join St George, Ethiopia Coffee, Electric, CBE, Defence Force and Dedebit to complete the roster for this year’s competition.

The draw for this year’s Amber Cup was done Today at the YMCA Hall Today, with Addis Ababa giants Dedebit and Ethiopia Coffee grouped together for the 3rd straight year. However, the highlight of the afternoon was the draw that pitted last year’s Premier League winners St George with the Ethiopian Football Federation Knockout Cup Champions Defense Force. The 2 teams will play in the Ethiopian Super Cup on Sunday before battling for group supremacy in the City Cup.

Full Draw:

Group A

Ethiopia Coffee


Dashen Brewery




Group B

St George

Defence Force

Adama City


The Addis Ababa Football Federation announced that all matches will be played at the National Stadium.

Ethiopia Coffee will play Dedebit in the opening match on Saturday, October 3 with Ethio Electric and Dashen Brewery squaring off in the same group later that day. Group B games will start on Wednesday, October 7 allowing for St George and Defence Force players to recover after their Ethiopian Super Cup game on Sunday.


The Federation also announced that the 6 Addis Ababa clubs in the competition will share the gates collection from the tourney, but guest teams Adama City and Dashen Brewery will not be included in this arrangement. In the event that the guest teams win the competition, they will also not be allowed to take the trophy home, rather a ‘special trophy’ will be presented to them. The financial arrangements are as follows:

Champion – 15% of the gates collection

Losing finalist – 10% of the gates collection

3rd – 10%

4th – 4%

5th – 3%

6th – 3%


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