EFF Named Mesert Manni as Lucy Coach

The Ethiopian Football Federation has appointed Mesert Manni as Ethiopian women national side head coach.

The Federation is yet to unveil the former Diredawa Ketema coach officially, although agreement has reached between the two parties.

Mesert have the responsibility to prepare Lucy for the maiden CECAFA Women Cup, which is due in Uganada in September.

Meseret was sacked as Diredawa Ketema coach at the end of the season after guiding the club to a 11th in the log table. Dubbed by many as ‘The Iron Lady’, Mesrete spent her sabbatical leave in the United States before taking on the Women national team for second stint.

Lucy missed out on the African Women Nations Cup for the second time in row after losing on aggregate to Algeria.



  1. tiru INA litberetata yamigebat coach bitonem ahun biherawi bidun mayaz alinaberebatim mikenatum wutet kalametach by this time linatat ichelalen lamanegnawum seketin imagneleshalewu mesi

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