Ethiopian National League Draw Revealed

The 2016/17 Ethiopian National League group draw has been released on Monday. In ceremony held at Capital Hotel and Spa a total of 58 clubs will compete in the third tier this season. The League Committee has also introduced some major changes over the format of the league.

The Committee presented the 2015/16 league campaign report. The report clearly delineated that hooliganism was observed frequently. The report pointed out the fact that the root source of hooliganism in the previous league season was due to unsupportive behaviors of coaches, players and club fans.

The Committee has instituted a new league format. According to the new format there are five only five groups. Five group winners and the best second placed team across the groups will gain promotion to the Higher League. The format leaves out playoff games that were used to decide promotion to the second tier. 5 clubs will be demoted to the regional league whilst 8 clubs from the regional club competition gain promotion to the National League. The 6 clubs whom happened to gain promotion will be face each other to be crowned champions of the 2016/17 season.

The league set to kick off on November 27. Addis Ababa clubs are notified to use playing fields of Kera Meda, Mechare Meda, 22 Meda and Hayat Meda for their home games due to the fact that Abebe Bikila Stadium will be under refurbishment this year.

Group Draws

Group A
Weliso Ketema, Tulu Bolo Ketema, Gambela Ketema, Bole Kifle Ketema, Lideta Kifle Ketema, Ambo Ketema, Gambela Unity, Asosa Ketema, Holeta Ketema, Metu Ketema

Group B
Dukem Ketema, Metehara Sekuar, Kali Jigjiga, Bishoftu Ketema, Harar City, Meqi Ketema, Modjo Ketema, Ethio Somali Leyou Police, Welencheti Ketema, Batu Ketema, Bishoftu Automotive, Wenji Sekuar

Group C
Waleta Police, Dabate Ketema, Desse Ketema, Debareq Ketema, Seloda Adwa, Amhara Police, Raya Azebo, Awi Enpiletaq, Aneba Giorgis, Laseta Lalibela, Tigray Wuha Sera, Damote Ketema

Group D
Chefe Donsa, Gelan Ketema, Teji Ketema, Adiss Ketema Kifle Ketema, Qireqos Kifle Ketema, Yeka Kifle Ketema, Bole Gerji Union, Nifas Silke Lafto Kifle Ketema, Gojjam Debre Markos, Addis Ababa University, Legetafo 01

Group E
Mizan Aman, Chencha Ketema, Butajera Ketema, Gardula Ketema, Wolaitta Sodo, Anebericho, Robe Ketema, Konso New York, Goba Ketema, Bule Hora, Gofa Barenche, Hadiya Lemo

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