“I transcended the hurdles that I face.” DireDawa head coach Mesert Manni

Dire Dawa Kenema achieved promotion at home infront of a noisy and joyful supporters. The charismatic coach Mesert gave interview to the media after the game.

“We fixed our weaknesses gradually. That helped us to get back to the premier league. I am so happy with that. I made history by becoming the first ever woman coach to take a team to the premier league. I am so glad and grateful. Just because I am a woman I faced a lot of hurdles but I transcended them all. This success story of mine demonstrates that women can do anything.” Mesert said.

Mesert also told reporters that she will prepare her team for the next season.

“The premier league is different from the national league. In hierarchy it is the biggest league in the country. It is a bit hard for us to compete with the squad at our disposal. By discussing with the club officials we will try to bring some new faces that suits the league. Our promotion won’t distract us. We will work hard not to get back to the lower league.” Meseret told reporters.

Meseret, who brought back DireDawa Kenema back to the top flight league, will become the first ever woman coach in the premier league.


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