The 2015/16 season Ethiopian Premier League and Higher League will be revealed this week according to the Ethiopian Football Federation. EFF Public Relation Officer Mr. Wendimkun Alayou told Soccer Ethiopia the Schedule will go public this week.

“This week we will announce the Higher League’s launch date, groups and schedules of the games. The new Premier League season will commence on October 29. Ethiopia will host this year’s edition of the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup. Thus, the Premier League will be put to a halt after week 2 games.”

EFF stated the Premier League won’t be expanded to 16 teams league. The top flight league will continue to be played among 14 clubs. The Higher League on the other hand will consist 32 teams.

After the conclusion of the National League, Share Ethiopia FC got fragile. The club could have competed in the Higher League, if it continued to exist. Hence, EFF promoted another club form the National League, now the 3rd highest division of the country, in place of the fragile Share Ethiopia FC.




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